Tuesday, October 18, 2011

(The World of Coca-Cola)

We all know that Walt Disney World has many sponsors, from Siemens and Spaceship Earth to the (previous) McDonald's sponsorship of Dinoland, USA. As a matter of fact, Jack Spence over at AllEars recently had a great quiz about sponsorships throughout Disney World.
I understand that some people find some of the blatant advertisements throughout the resort to be irritating, but the fact of the matter is, Disney is a corporation like any other. It is very beneficial for them to enter into partnerships with other corporations, and in turn the other corporations must be given their due advertisements.

Coca-Cola is clearly one of the largest players in the Disney sponsor arena. Coke products are served in every restaurant, Club Cool is sponsored by them, and their logo is everywhere you turn. There are two instances in particular that I really find interesting, and they are both in the Animal Kingdom. The first, pictured above, is located in Asia. Notice the authentic painted-on look. It blends in nicely with its surroundings while still being an advertisement.

The second advertisement is a bit more subtle. Also in Animal Kingdom, this boat is  near Asia as well. One of my favorite details in the park, if you look closely you can see that the boat is actually filled with bottles of Coca Cola. Again, I love the subtlety of this - but the idea of the advertisement is still there.

What other subtle (or not) advertisements can you think of throughout Walt Disney World? Do you have a favorite? Comments please!

Happy Hunting!

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