Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(Disney Princesses in Real Life)

Idolizing the Disney Princesses as kids, we all had the opinion that they were other-worldly beautiful. Now, Arts University College at Bournemouth Jirka Väätäinen has made them real. Take a look at the graphic renderings that Jirka did of our favorite Disney females.

A youthful Ariel really does look like she's 16!

Aurora is supermodel gorgeous!

Belle looks to have a bit more attitude than typical of the heroine.

One of my favorite Disney females, Esmerelda is gorgeous.

Jasmine looks a bit like Kim Kardashian, no?

Meg looks...a bit intoxicated. Still beautiful, though!

Mulan's youthful face is spot-on!

Pocohontas' strong features are breathtaking.

Ursula was based on actor/drag queen, Divine. See a resemblance?

Which one is your favorite? It's a tough choice!

Happy Wednesday!

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