Tuesday, October 4, 2011

(The Tree of Life, A Timeless Icon)

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The icon of Disney's Animal Kingdom stands 14 stories tall at the center of the park, and stretches 50 feet wide at the base. It has 325 animals carved by 20 artists and over 100,000 man-made leaves. It houses an exciting attraction on what life is like as an insect. It is the Tree Of Life, one of the most photographed, and most breathtaking structures in the United States, if not the World.

The hours that you could spend trying to find each and every animal carving are endless. There are birds, monkeys, hippos, snakes, and even larger than life bugs. Each carving is beautifully done, sometimes camouflaged just enough so that you have to stop and really look.

MOM & Me, May 2010

 One of the best ways to get up close and personal with some of the carvings is to stand in line for It's Tough to be a Bug! As of late, the lines have been fairly tame and don't take too long to get through. Don't rush through it though - this is a great opportunity to snap some photos and really explore all of the hard work that was put into Animal Kingdom's beautiful centerpiece.

March 2006

If you're fortunate enough to visit Walt Disney World each year or even every couple of years, it's fun to be able to snap a photo in front of the Tree of Life and compare them over time. It's amazing to see how much you and your loved ones have changed. For me, I am reminded that my hair color rarely stays the same year to year. J just gets better looking as the years go by, and so does MOM, who proves that it isn't just men that get better looking with age!

My family, May 2007

So don't just breeze past the Tree of Life because you've seen it numerous times. You'll never know what you've missed until you go back and explore it again. There is almost no way that you have seen each and every carving, and I always find it amazing that I think "Wow I've never seen that one before!" even though I thought I'd seen it all.

May 2009

Send me your family photos from your visit to the Tree of Life! I would love to feature them in the blog!

Happy Memories!

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