Sunday, February 5, 2012

(What to do with no Picnik?)

I'm a little late to the game here as many bloggers and photography fiends have done their fare share of venting about this, but a few weeks ago, I received the most disturbing news to my inbox:

I can't describe how terrible I felt when I read this. As someone who really loves her camera, this is an awful shame. Picnik really held its own among the best of editing programs, and was a joy to use -- incredibly user friendly and equally inexpensive (a premium membership cost $24.95/year).

So...what now? Google+ users will have some features of Picnik available to them, it appears.I don't mind sharing photos with friends on the social media platform, but I would like the option to edit them and download them to my computer as I could with the previous version of Picnik. It isn't immediately clear to me how this new option is going to work.

I would love to hear your suggestions on a great replacement. We have until April 19, 2012 to take advantage of Picnik - I urge you to do so!

And here's hoping that my dramatic sound-off is all for naught - Google did promise bigger and better things, didn't they? Let's hope that they deliver in time for my October 2012 trip to Disney World!

Happy editing (while you still can!),

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