Saturday, February 18, 2012

(Let's Hear it for the Boys)

We've seen multiple instances of our favorite Disney Princesses as cover girls, and now, their heroic better halves are getting a turn. Take a look at these magazine covers, created by Petite Tiara. Each is more swoon-worthy than the last.

Best headline: "How to Deal with Crazy Sister-In-Laws"

How many of you knew that Snow White's Prince Charming was named Ferdinand? 

The always-handsome Prince Eric looks uber-cool on the cover of Men's Journal

I find Prince Philip to look a bit on the femmy side. Thoughts?

Pocahontas' man looks ruggedly handsome of the cover of Details

Could Aladdin be a candidate for Time's Person of the Year?

Perhaps the coolest of all the covers, The Beast shows his split personality on National Geographic

My personal favorite, the handsome Prince Naveen shines on the cover of Best Life. Jazz music!

To see more and to check out Petite Tiara's blog, visit petitetiaras.tumblr.

Happy Swooning!

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