Thursday, September 1, 2011

(Miss Piggy & Fashion's Night Out)

Who, Moi?

Happy September! I love this time of year. Soon the leaves will be changing, and my favorite holiday is right around the corner. Another great part of September, especially for New Yorkers, is Fashion's Night Out. For the third year in a row, fashionistas and celebrities alike will mingle for the best night celebrating designers and their beautiful work that we so proudly obsess over.

If the biggest fashion party of the year isn't enough to get you excited, there is something else that is bound to appeal to the Disney girl in you: Miss Piggy will be in attendance at this year's event! Yes, that Miss Piggy. No, I'm not kidding.

Her Royal Pigness will be on hand to unveil her new collection, Muppets x Opening Ceremony. The design house is collaborating with Piggy and the gang in celebration of the Muppets Movie, in theatres November 23. I've been told that Opening Ceremony is the place to be on FNO as it is. The addition of my favorite pig should make the place an absolute zoo! (No pun intended).

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Kermit’s votes for Lip Ink in Red, as his favorite lip color for Miss Piggy because it’s Guaranteed Smearproof and he doesn’t have to fix his makeup when they kiss on stage. Miss Piggy likes it because Kermit kisses her more often when she wears it and she adores the color Red.