Thursday, September 29, 2011

(Disney World Eats: Pizza)

Everybody likes pizza. You don't have to love it, and it doesn't have to be your favorite food, but every once in a while, you just have to have a slice. Disney certainly has no shortage of the saucy snack - take a look at two of my favorite places to grab a bite of the good stuff.

Pizza Planet, February 2005

Pizza Planet is somewhat of a tradition for me. Since we first started our yearly trips, it's been a must-stop. I love to go and grab a cheese pizza, and kick some butt in a game of air hockey. 

Pizza Planet, March 2006

It's actually pretty good pizza - it's served nice and hot with a good load of sauce, which is important. The crust tastes awesome, and the cheese is good. This is no award winning pizza, but it's great for a quick mid-day meal or a snack if you share it.

Pizzafari, May 2007
Hop over to Animal Kingdom, and Pizzafari is serving a similar meal. While the pizza is largely the same, the atmosphere is not. There are multiple rooms here with a lot to look at. Choose a seat in the Upside Down room as we did, and you'll be eating along with animals that spend much of their time living upside down. Other rooms include the Camouflage Room, Nocturnal Room, Home Room, Four Seasons Room and the Bug Room. Solely animal-themed songs are played in the background, if you listen carefully. An individual cheese pizza will run you $8.39, and comes with a Caesar salad.

Pizza Planet, May 2009

Pizza Planet may not have as big a variety of rooms, but it offers a different pizza experience. For one, the wonderful songs of Randy Newman are on constant play here. Randy Newman is awesome, there's just no denying it. Here you can here the songs that he did for the Toy Story Movies.

Pizza Planet, May 2010
Pizza here is slightly less expensive, but only because you have the option to purchase an individual pie without the side salad. An order of cheese pizza here will run you $5.99. Both Pizza Planet and Pizzafari offer desserts, and they vary from one another. The only thing that Pizza Planet doesn't have that Pizzafari does is breadsticks. So, what will it be: beautiful painted murals of animals to explore while you eat, or an exhilarating game of air hockey after your meal? For me, it's the latter. I'm a Pizza Planet girl through and through. 

Do you have a favorite Disney spot to grab some pizza? Tell me all about it!

Happy Eating!

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  1. I like pizza planet. Although it always seems to have more crust than pizza.