Wednesday, September 21, 2011

(Cheers! Drinking on the Disney Magic)

This past summer, our Mediterranean Disney cruise led us on many unforgettable adventures. Along with those adventures, we had lots of drinks! Tropical mixed drinks are synonymous with vacation, and for me, one of the best parts. I always love seeing what new and exciting flavor combinations are in store, and Disney doesn't disappoint. The Disney Magic has a Drink of the Day, which I tried many nights between our show and dinner. It was a fun time for J and I to visit different venues of entertainment, such as Sessions or Rockin' Bar D. Take a journey through the world of Disney Magic cocktails with me!

A Bahama Mama at Rockin' Bar D

The only night that we had an issue with the Drink of the Day was the first. The true drink of the day was supposed to be some sort of banana drink made with Bailey's, which I would have liked very much. Instead, our server at Rockin' Bar D insisted that the day's drink was a Bahama Mama. I obliged, and ended up enjoying the drink very much. The bamboo leaf was quite a special touch! J had a beer, and trust me, you will notice a pattern of that throughout our journey.

The Royal at Lumiere's French dinner.

The first dinner that we had on the ship was at Lumiere's, and it had a French theme. The drink that I ordered was off the menu, and it was called The Royal. It consisted of sparkling wine, creme de cassis and peach schnapps. It was bubbly, sweet and very delicious!

A Blue Margarita at Sessions

Sessions was one of my favorite venues to have a drink before dinner. The piano playing was fantastic, and boy did that man have a great sense of humor! He even took a break to come and talk with us, which was an absolute pleasure. On our second night, we attended Sessions and I had the Drink of the Day, a Blue Margarita. J, of course, had a beer. Notice the dark & white chocolates placed at the table. I loved it!

A Golden Slipper at Animator's Palate

The night's dinner was at Animator's Palate, and the theme was Prince & Princess. My drink was called a Golden Slipper, and consisted of peach schnapps, creme de cassis and sparkling wine. I'm only noticing now as I am writing this, that it's the exact same drink from the night before. This one however had a sugared rim, and I just love those!

Pool Drinks on Deck 9

On our third night, we had our drinks on Deck 9 so that we could enjoy the live music. There was a fantastic duo called Northern Lights, and we loved listening to them every chance we got. Unfortunately, I cannot remember what the Drink of the Day was! I remember it tasting very sweet, with a hint of lime. If you can guess what drink it is by the photo, leave it in the comments! Oh and no surprise, J had a beer.

The Renaissance at Animator's Palate

Our dinner that night was again at Animator's Palate, but this time we had the show to look forward to. It's really quite a fun experience, with everything starting out in black and white and then slowly changing to color along with the music. It was fun to guess what movie each song was from, and then look for that painting as it came alive with color. My drink was called The Renaissance; vodka, triple sec, raspberry puree, lime juice and sparkling wine. If the photo is any indication, I enjoyed it so thoroughly that I had to stop myself in order to photograph it. I'm really starting to notice a pattern with the sparkling wine here. Perhaps I'm as bad as J with his beer!

This smile could only come from nachos.

On our fourth night, we did not have any drinks before dinner. Our stop was in Rome that day, so many people were still at port during dinner time. We had gotten everything done fairly early and heard that there was a trivia contest in Diversions, so we headed there. We were the only couple that arrived for the game! One other couple said that they would join us, and so the game began. We lost, but I won't get into that. The best part though, is that J found that Diversions had a small buffet, and they had...wait for it...NACHOS! I thought I'd never eat another nacho until the cruise was over. What a relief!

A Melon Mojito at Parrot Cay

We had our tropical themed dinner that night at Parrot Cay. My drink was a Melon Mojito, and it was great! Very refreshing, but better than a regular mojito. I always like a little added flavor in a mojito because the mint can be a bit much for me, and melon is one of my absolute favorite flavors. It was a perfect drink for me.

Captain's Mai Tai at Sessions

It was finally Pirate Night! My favorite night on the Disney Cruise Line's schedule, Pirate Night is a blast. I love dressing up for the night, and I absolutely love the festivities in the dining room and on deck. The Drink of the Day was a Captain's Mai Tai - spiced rum and tropical juices topped with dark rum. It was so delicious, even Mr. Beer couldn't resist...

J forgoes the usual beer for a Captain's Mai Tai on Pirate Night

I actually thought that I would mix it up a bit for dinner, and got a glass of red wine. I believe that I asked for a Cabernet. I'm not sure of the exact wine, but it was very good. The pirate festivities were beginning up top, so we raced through our dinner to be a part of it

Taking advantage of the free drinks

Planning very wisely, Disney made our only day at sea into Formal Night. The second best night on the cruise ship directly followed the first! In honor of the captain, they were serving free drinks all night in the lobby. J and I took full advantage. There were times when we had too many drinks to hold between the two of us. What?! Don't judge, they were free

J loves anything free!

We drank....
                and drank....

I'm not even sure what we were drinking, to be honest.

With dinner, I had wine. Two of our beautiful table mates had drinks off of the menu. The left is called a Tuxedo; sparkling wine, vodka and Chambord. The drink on the right is the Red Carpet, and consists of bourbon, lime juice and cranberry juice. Both looked very good!

Chardonnay at Palo

On our final night, we dined at Palo. Both J and I had an Italian Chardonnay with our meals. A lighter drink is an absolute necessity at Palo, just because there is such an overabundance of food!  Our drinks were delicious and our meal very pleasant. It was a good ending to a beautiful cruise, but also a very sad one. 

I hope that you have enjoyed drinking through my Disney Cruise with me! Just a few things to note, as I have noticed some popular questions on a lot of discussion boards. First off, the Drink of the Day is not discounted, rather just a fun way to enjoy your time before or after dinner on the ship. The quality of the drinks are great, and in my opinion, do not skimp on alcohol at all. As far as the (many) free drinks are concerned, it did not seem that they were weak as far as alcohol is concerned. Undoubtedly, the drinks that you pay for have a more generous portion, but I do not believe the free drinks to be terribly watered down. I found that I spent more on a glass of wine ($10-12) than I did on a cocktail ($7-9) throughout our journey. 

Do you have a favorite drink on the Disney Cruise Line? Comment below!

Happy Boozing!


  1. Great Blog...made me thirsty : )

  2. Important note: the Captain's Gala was the event with the free booze. Be sure not to miss that event on the cruise! (they also did not card)