Sunday, March 31, 2013

Disney on the Web, Week of March 31

Hit the links with this week's Disney happenings on the Web.

Buzzfeed gives us a look inside what it's like to be the luckiest person in the world.

This one's perfect because it mixes elements of my day job with my obsession love of Disney. Looking for a ring to match your favorite Disney princess?

Disney Parks Blog give us a first look at Stars Wars Weekend moichandise. I like the hat.

Longtime Disney editor Norman Palmer has died at 94.

First sightings of the Iron Man 3 monorail, branded with Stark Industries.

Did you know that all of these 90's sitcoms went to Disney World? T.G.I.F.

Excuse me, parents, but Mickey Mouse is not your damn babysitter.

In other somewhat creepy news, VHI has ranked the top 20 sexiest Disney animals.

On the human front, here are 11 stars who shed their Disney image.

Buzzfeed poses the question: Are these Disney movies racist? Does anyone care?

Great article from PR Daily: 3 Types of Content That Drive Disney's Blog.

Selena and Vanessa who? This Spring Breakers stars the Disney Princesses, and it's so wrong.

Now-married couple in the same Disney World photo 15 years before they met. Disney destiny?

Buzzfeed's 12 questions for Beauty and the Beast will poke holes in your favorite movie.

Minnie Mouse gets a Lanvin makeover and she is fabulous!

Man's annoyance with It's a Small World elevated to medical meltdown, Disney pays $8,000.

Well, here's one way to teach anatomy to your kids. No seriously, do not show this to them.

And finally, can anyone please confirm if this amazingness is true?

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