Saturday, December 3, 2011

(We Will No Longer Be Needing a Bigger Boat)

Friends, some very sad news today. As you know, I am just as much a fan of that other Orlando theme park as I am of Walt Disney World. And today, that park sent me some very unwelcome news. Take a look:

This saddens me deeply! My uncle had worked on this ride, and as a small kid I remember watching the demo tapes so many times, I had learned the whole script! I will miss the mechanical Great White (and the crispy version too), never knowing which seat gets the least wet, and the feeling of fire that seems so close it could singe your eyebrows! This is a classic that won't be forgotten - I wonder what is going to take its place? I can only hope it will live up to that trip through Amity.

Happy (sad!) Memories,

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