Monday, November 21, 2011

(Can't Live Without: Dinosaur!)

Dinosaur, 2010.

Do you have a Disney attraction or show that you just can't live without? I have a few myself, but my absolute can't-do-without is Dinosaur in Disney's Animal Kingdom.


Formerly Countdown to Extinction, Dinosaur is loud, turbulent, and one heck of a fun ride. You are being sent back in time to the Cretaceous period to procure an Iguanadon and bring it back for research. Of course something goes wrong, because it's the end of the Cretaceous period and a major meteor storm is on its way, waiting to destroy all life as we (or really, the dinos) know it.


If you are a regular reader, I'm sure you're aware of my fondness for dinosaurs (see: my T-Rex love story). It may be the reason why I just can't get enough of this attraction. I love the loud noises, the crazy turbulence of the ride vehicle (evasive maneuver! right! left!), and the larger-than-life Carnotaurus that ultimately has me screaming my shorts off every time. It's the kind of ride that I like to experience again and again. On one of the less crowded park days in March of 2006, there were little-to-no lines at Dinosaur and the cast member just let us stay on for 3 rounds. Best. Day. Ever.


I would recommend this ride to anyone and everyone, but steer clear if you have back or neck issues, because it does tend to get rough. Also, those who can't handle loud noises best skip this one - I swear there are some days that they just crank up the volume, and other days that aren't quite as intense. Lines are rarely long here. If you do notice a line out the door, don't let it scare you away - they move really quickly. The typical lack of a queue actually makes me a tad nervous, and I hope that my beloved Dinosaur is here to stay!


What's your Disney obsession? I would love to hear about the one thing that you can't live without, whether it's a ride, a show or even a snack!

Happy Obsessing!

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