Tuesday, August 2, 2011

(Remember the Magic)

I used to be a scrapbook fanatic. Eventually though, I got bored of putting them together, and I also ran out of room to keep the large books on my shelf. That's when I discovered Shutterfly, and the amazing photo books that they have to offer.

What I love about most about the photo books is the fact that it's a single, sturdy piece, unlike a scrapbook where one of the photos can come unglued at any moment, ruining an entire page. I have the freedom to place the pictures anywhere I want on the page, add backgrounds, borders, and even clipart. My favorite book so far is from our family trip to Orlando in 2010. It definitely wasn't an inexpensive book to make, but it was worth it. With an additional 81 pages (after the allotted 101-page base price), and the hard cover option, the book ended up costing $99.98. I definitely feel that I got my money's worth. The book stays on my coffee table so people look at it whenever they come over (I love to share my photos), and it's very high quality. Also, the hard covers have the option to add text on the spine, so the book can be placed on a shelf and be easily accessible.

Also pictured are two smaller books; both weekend trips. One is from Savannah, GA, the other from Washington, DC, which I actually got for free (Shutterfly sends great promo codes from time to time). I still have many books to make - most importantly a special one from our wedding. So if you're anything like me and want to preserve your special memories without the mess of a real scrapbook, give these a try! I really think you will love it. They also make great gifts!

Happy Reminiscing!

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